What's hot for 2023?

What's hot for 2023?

2023 is going to play host to some stunning new home decor trends, as well as nurturing some older trends too! So, we thought we would compile a few of our favourites to share with you! 

1. Warm Woods and Brown Tones

Starting off strong with colours we saw creeping through in 2022 - warm tonal browns, deep woods, and statement furniture accents.

This stunning Ashton sideboard is perfectly on trend combining the warm wood with its brass finished legs! Not only is it a stunning furniture accent piece, it's a handy storage solution to the budding interior designer! 


2. Gold Tones

Stunning golds are staying for 2023! Warm tones are overtaking the cooler tones of silvers and greys with interior experts opting for gold tones and muted earthy colours. 

Use gold to accent rooms with lighting and eye-catching accessories. This stunning Cesar console table is a perfect contrast against darker wood flooring. It also comes as a stunning coffee table to complete the look! 

Gold and Glass Console Table

3. Wellness -

An unusual title perhaps but delving into this trend further shows a whole host of gorgeous neutral tones and sophisticated but cosy element to this concept. 

We have had pressure after pressure thrown our way with the economic uncertainty and the dreaded 'C' word, so stylists are turning to comfort while were likely to be in for a rocky few months ahead - staying in is the new going out.. again! 

This concept is very open to interpretation, but muted tones, calming scents, candles and soft fabrics are our favourites to achieve this trend (it's also a super easy way of changing up your current decor on a budget - swap out the bold and grab yourself a fluffy cushion or two, and whack on that diffuser to transform yourself into a spa-like serenity!). 

Our top pick is this faux rabbit fur rug in cream - although, we have ours styled on the arm of the sofa for a cosy corner! And for under £30, we think it's a bargain! 

Faux Rabbit Fur Rug

And if a Sheepskin rug is more your style, you can find one here

4. Sustainable Materials

This is going to be such an important one for 2023 - with global warming so hot in the press, fast fashion is becoming a thing of the past with the likes of Vinted taking the market by storm - now, although this is likely to follow suit with the interior industry, there are lots of things you can do to ensure your purchases are more sustainable with the likes of bamboo, reclaimed woods and recycled fibres making the old and unloved, something totally on trend and fabulous again! 

This stunning teak dining table with steel legs is carefully produced from reclaimed wood, meaning every one is unique! 

Rustic reclaimed teak and steel leg dining table

Reclaimed wood is super eco-friendly as it means the wood is taken from previous pieces to create something new and beautiful, which in turn reduces the need to cut down further trees!

5. Curves

Curves are in - a god send after a Christmas feast right? However, we are talking about furniture! Curved sofas, chairs and accent furniture - Soft edges, round corners and arches are set to be big in 2023! 

We have a fantastic selection of curved lighting in currently, however, our favourite has to be our Arquer Curved Floor Lamp in Rose Gold - its warmth will merge perfectly with almost any decor (although it's also available in Black, Gold, and Chrome for those that prefer!).

Rose Gold Curved Floor Lamp

There's so much more we could talk about for 2023, the inspirations are all over! From Art Deco making a come back, to bold monochrome stripes, statement rugs, to ocean hues, French country bedrooms and layered lighting with the return of wall lights, it's going to be an exciting year for home interiors! 

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