Top 10 gifts for Mothers Day 22

Top 10 gifts for Mothers Day 22

Ok, hands up. Who has only just realised that Mothers day is a mere 10 days away? How many of you googled 'when is Mothers day 2022' and landed right here?

Don't panic. its 27th March, so you still have time to get the perfect gift for mothers day! 

Here are our top 10 gifts for our wonderful mums this Mothering Sunday! 

10. Candles!

Every mum loves a candle. Pick a relaxing scent, grab some posh bubble bath and a bottle of plonk and give mum a well deserved treat night! 

You can find some of our favourite candles here - Scent Collection

9. A gorgeous Vase.

As with everything glassware can also date, so a stunning modern or timeless classic is a great gift for mum - especially if you are planning on getting some beautiful fresh flowers to go with it! 

This timeless Bloomville Ginger Jar is stunning with white blooms, and is the perfect piece for mum to add some faux stems to it afterwards to get hours of enjoyment from this classic piece! 

Bloomville Ginger Jar - Perfect gift!

8. Faux Flowers

If you are one of many, there's a high chance your mum will get lots of bunches of flowers for Mothers day, so why not buy her a gift that will last a lifetime! Faux flowers have come a long way in recent years, and bunches of stunning stems can spread a smile as big as any bouquet! 

Or if your mum is more of a minimalist, why not treat her to a Mothers Day faux Tree! You can check out all of our favourites here. Faux Flowers

7. A novelty gift 

Give a gift that will invoke memories or celebrate something she loves! These Queen of the Kitchen chopping boards are a fab gift for a mum that loves to cook! 

Personalised Chopping Board

6. Mothers Day Quote

You don't have to spend a lot of money to show your mum how much she means to you. This endearing A4 Mothers day quote is mounted on high quality paper and styled with a frame that matches your mums decor, makes a gorgeous and sentimental gift with change from £10! 

5. Garden Gifts!

Mums love pottering in the garden, so why not treat her to something special for the garden? A big hit for Mothers Day is always this stunning tabletop Stone Bird Bath - perfect for smaller gardens as its designed to be sat on a table - this also means that mums who love bird watching can get closer to nature as it can be placed almost anywhere outside! 

4. Brass Bee Door Knocker

This is one of our most popular selling products! Bee's are so in at the moment so its easy to see why! These stunning knockers make a great gift and are super easy to install! If your mums not such a Bee lover, we have some other equally gorgeous knockers in stock! 

3. Mugs. 

Mums love mugs. Its a fact. Have you ever met a mum without a cupboard full of mismatched mugs? 

This has to be our favourite though! You'd be hard pressed to find a parent that doesn't use this saying with their little one, so what better a Mothers Day present than one that shows her your whole heart every time she takes a sip! 

Love you to the Stars Mug

Love you to the Stars Mug

2. Oil Burners

I know we covered scents and relaxation with the candles but, for the mums that prefer an oil burner or electric diffuser, this relaxation set is gorgeous and will last until at least Christmas (Well, at the rate this years flying! - Then you can buy her another set!) 

1. For the mum that never treats herself, and for those of you who still haven't decided, or (like mine) have a VERY fussy mum, a gift voucher is the way to go! Let her pick her own Mothers Day present. Our gift cards start from £10 and are issued immediately - you can buy them here - Gift Cards

And for all those that are not yet mums, would have been mums, soon to be mums, surrogate mums, step-mums, Fur-mums, and those that miss mums, have a wonderful Mothers Day all of you xx 

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