Our favourite Neutral decor items and how to style them!

Our favourite Neutral decor items and how to style them!

Neutrals are so on trend this season, so we thought we would bring you some of our favourite pieces to help style your home with the perfect neutrals! 
A must have! This is the best starting point in switching up your decor to a neutral pallet. All you need to consider is where your pampas is going to go. If you are planning on placing your pampas on a sideboard or shelf, you may want to consider a mini pampas - this will give the same neutral effect, but wont overcrowd your space. 
If you are planning on adding a floor standing vase, or a vase to a low table, then the larger pampas grass is the perfect solution! Just make sure you chose a vase with a small enough neck so the pampas can be placed as desired. You should also consider the height of the vase - too small and it will fade into insignificance against a longer pampas stem! 
The perfect number of stems is going to be dependant on your vase, but we wouldn't recommend any less than 3 stems for the larger vases and a minimum of 5 on the smaller pampas grasses. 
Depending on the space you have for your rug will depend on the rug size you should consider for your space - if decorating a smaller area, you should opt for something like this gorgeous round jute rug, but for larger spaces, a rectangular rug might be a better option for you. The contrast in materials against the floor is what will really stand out with your rugs - try to pick a colour a few shades lighter or darker than the floor it will be placed on so it really stands out. The great thing about jute rugs is the material offers a great mix of textures!

The possibilities are endless! Our best advice is find your space, then pick your vase! If its space on the floor you will want to opt for something tall with a thinner neck to allow your pampas to stand how you want them to. For space on a sideboard or shelf, a vase like this is the perfect choice! Its sizable enough to make an impact on the room but has a small enough neck it will allow you to arrange your pampas perfectly! We have paired the earthenware vase with our thin pampas in darker neutrals so they would stand out against the white wall. 

  • Accessorising your room

Distressed and natural woods are perfect for adding extra texture into your room - consider using trays like these to display objects on or for dressing an area such as a dining table or console table - the best thing about using a tray is that they are also practical! With a set of two like this one, you can use one for decorating a space and the other can be used for your wine! 

Other accessories to consider are wooden or distressed ornaments like some of our faves below - 

There are so many other products that will work perfectly in our Neutrals collection which you can find by clicking here. From lighting to shelving units, Storage jars to chopping boards, the possibilities with a neutral pallet are endless! 

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