5 Tips for a cosy Autumn Home

5 Tips for a cosy Autumn Home

Autumn is my favourite time of year, the colours, the cosiness, the home decor change up! So grab a cuppa and settle in for our top 5 tips to transform your home in to an Autumnal paradise! 


Texture is key to this season - adding layers and texture to your living spaces can make a cooler room warm right up! 

Use wools, furs (or faux furs!) cushions, blankets and throws on your sofas and beds to take your fresh summer look into a cosy vibe. 

sheepskin footstool

Glowy Scents

Bring autumn to life with scented candles, think pumpkin spice, crackling wicks, warm scents and gorgeous glows. Candles are also a great way to help heat a home! Settle in with a blanket, light a few candles and you'll be cosy in no time! 


Use ornaments through the seasons to update your home decor without spending a fortune on redecorating your home! 

Consider decorating with neutral colours so you can rotate your accessories throughout the seasons for an instant update. 

Use pumpkins and faux flowers to accessorise sideboards and vases. Gold is a great colour for Autumn too - making your darker colours stand out. 


For those of you with tiled floors, floorboards, or amtico style flooring, a rug is perfect for adding warmth and softness to your space. Rugs are great with solid wood floorboards too as they help keep the draughts at bay especially if you have boards with gaps between or vents in the floor. A rug will help keep the heat in the room and for those of you with solid floors, the rug will give a texture to the floor that keeps the room cosy!

Colours of Autumn

And here is the exciting bit! All the colours of autumn. Add deep earthy tones to neutral rooms. Burnt oranges, deep reds, yellows and browns are perfect for creating the autumnal experience in your home. 

Add colours with your home accessories such as textured and coloured cushions, accent pieces for your sideboard, Autumnal colourway table runners, accent candles - appeal to your senses by combining your autumnal colours with a crackling scent. 

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